Prime Your Boards to Talk Foresight #ASAE18

Expect frank advice from four veteran association executives as they share how they followed six basic practices to help their boards and staff initiate a culture of foresight August 21, 9 am in Chicago at #ASAE18.

If you are ready to start your association’s foresight journey, what they have learned about how to initiate and champion foresight with their volunteer leaders could ease your way.

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One of the most frequent laments of association members is their lack of influence with the power centers in their organizations and industries.

“The C-Suite doesn’t understand what we do….doesn’t listen to us…doesn’t value us.”

“We want a seat at the table…or at least to be present in the room when decisions are made.”

This year alone I’ve heard this lament from an array of association leaders in different professions and industries.

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Trade in transition unsettles trade associations

US trade associations once able to count on globalizing markets to provide customers and supply chains for their members are now struggling in a period of destabilized trade systems.

President Trump’s tariff actions escalated this issue to urgent this summer, but trade systems will be in transition for at least the next few years. Association executives are losing some sleep over member unrest.

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