Finding Association Profitability in Future Markets

Corporations practicing foresight are better able to identify markets of the future that improve their profitability and sustainability amid changing industry conditions.

This conclusion from a 2018 longitudinal study of multinational corporations (Rohrbeck and Gordon) also has relevance for associations and nonprofits.  As one association executive told me, all associations are looking for “the Holy Grail of revenue and it sits out there somewhere in a combination of factors in the future”. 

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Anticipating the Scale of Automation

Automating work is a pressing issue for associations and the workers, businesses and governments they serve, yet the scale of that impact within any particular industry or profession can be difficult to forecast.

The impact will vary substantially by industry, occupation and workplace, according to the ASAE ForesightWorks action brief on automating work. The ForesightWorks forecast: In the midterm, more jobs will be taskified as automation complements the work of humans.

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