Smart Association Execs Will Want to Earn an A in Foresight

Marsha Rhea, president, Signature i, LLC, encouraged association executives at the Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives Mid-Year Meeting June 21 in Philadelphia, to establish foresight programs to inform their strategies, learning programs, risk management and innovation efforts.

Rhea described how the ASAE Foundation’s new foresight research program, to be launched later this summer, will provide overviews of 40 change drivers and provide easy-to-use resources and tools to help associations structure their own foresight program to continuously monitor trends and issues.

She gave five good reasons to earn an A in exploring the future before offering some basic tips and short-cuts to make practicing foresight easier to do.

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An Immersive Experience in Meeting Redesign

ASAE’s new Xperience Design Project (XDP) May 23-24 immersed more than a thousand participants in innovative ideas to redesign their association’s events in a new era of experiences. ASAE designed this event from start to finish and did the hard work to create a learning laboratory for us. XDP was so much more than tinkering around the edges or some innovative improvements.

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Stuck between Tech Hype and Reality

How soon our IT systems will work to discover amazing insights from our data and take routine tasks off our hands will crash up against the present reality of our human processes and the quality of our existing data.

Tech hype features forecasts like personalized AI providing a customized interface serving our customers and members’ needs coupled with machine learning and predictive analytics that ferret out patterns we humans can’t spot.  These forecasts promise we will be able to work smarter as our machines work for us.  We can scale up our customer service operations to deliver immediate satisfaction and exploit wants even our customers haven’t anticipated or wouldn’t pursue without our friendly AI suggesting they might be interested. Sounds very, very good.

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