Best 2009 Signature Insights to Prepare for 2010

I’ve had a great year learning and working with leaders leading change in their associations and organizations. My personal discipline and weekly pleasure is sharing what I am learning through the Signature Insights blog.

I selected these nine posts for this “best of 2009” list to draw your attention to ideas and insights I believe could help you lead important changes in your organization in 2010. Signature i wishes all our clients, colleagues and readers a holiday filled with great joy and a new year brimming with great promise.    

Creating a Results Driven Culture to Find Your Road to Recovery.  Signature i offered leaders this path to high performance in two workshops in 2009.

Compelling Visions Bring More Change than Peace.  Compelling visions shake things up so don’t expect many kumbaya moments.

Seven Strategic Issues and Opportunities for Associations. How many of these strategic conversations are you discussing?

Ending the 15 Year Anxiety Attack in Associations. Is group action at the heart of your technology strategy?

2020 Vision for Excellence in Association Learning. Benchmark your efforts in professional development and continuing education against this vision.

A Recipe for Creating Strategic Boards.  Are you dividing your board agendas 1/3 to oversight, 1/3 to insight and 1/3 to foresight?

Four Critical Changes Shaping the Future of Association Learning. Collaborative learning, learning technologies, outcomes-based learning and unbounded learning are my futurist take on drivers of change for association learning.

Four Views to Improve Our Understanding of the Future.   You might have thought about your alternative futures and your preferred future, but what about your used and disowned futures?  

Forecasting the Future Wrong and Why.  Forecasting is tricky especially when we misunderstand complex systems, miss surprising events or misjudge the rate of change and how public priorities shift.