Gifts to the Spirit in the Season

Some of the best holiday gifts are wrapped up in our experiences during the season.  They are traditions that remind us of who we are and what matters most in our lives.

Time out for Togetherness.   We make time to celebrate with friends and co-workers and re-connect with old friends and acquaintances at holiday parties. We travel great distances to be with family. What a gift to the spirit to rediscover that our relationships define and nurture us and they will do so throughout the year if we just find ways to take these time outs throughout the year.

Year-end Deadlines. Every year we rush to tie up loose ends and wrap up projects before the holidays and the advent of the New Year.  This compulsive behavior does add a large dose of stress into the season but it also yields a sense of accomplishment and closure in our work.  We can look back over a year of learning, practicing our art, and giving our best to whatever we have chosen to do.   

Tests of Willpower.  The holiday season is a sugar-coated minefield for our health. It is a test of our willpower to walk through the holiday parties, gift cookies and candies, and special meals without gaining weight. It is an even greater challenge to navigate all the expectations of the season and keep our perspective and mental health in good shape.  The survival strategies we deploy to stay on course remind us that it does take great resolve to keep ourselves in healthy balance and wellbeing.

Appeals for Generosity.  Every day our mailboxes are crammed with advertisements and charitable appeals. These are challenges to our sense of stewardship.  Do the gifts we choose express our love and awareness of others or simply demonstrate our insecurity about our relationship with others and our status in the world? When we sort through the charitable appeals to decide who to support, we too can have a philanthropist’s opportunity to make a difference in the world. We can choose to ease or end poverty for people nearby or in other countries. We can make a down payment on a cleaner environment. We can choose to invest in the peace and harmony we seek and celebrate in this season.

Resolutions for Renewal. There’s a forgiveness and grace in turning the calendar page to the New Year.  We get to set goals and make plans with a sense of possibility and hope.  This will be the year we take charge of our behaviors and attitudes and live up to our human potential.  

Signature i wishes you these and many more gifts to the spirit in this holiday season.