Revisiting the Best of Signature Insights Learning in 2010

Scanning through Signature Insights to find the best posts of 2010, I can see that this blog at its best is a learning journal of reflective practice on my consulting methods and wonderful moments of wisdom from my professional and personal experience.  

In 2010 I championed the power of collaborative learning through an article in Associations Now and three related blog posts:

I also thought deeply about what’s most important in successful strategic planning. That thinking has now evolved into a board primer article for the Volunteer Leadership issue of Associations Now this month, not yet available online.

I’ve continued to explore design thinking and innovation.  And after conducting two future scans this past fall, I gained greater clarity on my secrets for futures scanning.

Moments of wisdom broke into my awareness in such powerful ways they simply had to be shared.  I recognized and named the downside of too much of two deeply held personal values:  collaboration and commitment. I gained a new perspective on duty as a source of resistance to change.  I named the phenomenon of chronically unresolved issues in associations after watching it play out twice.  I read a prize-winning collection of stories and saw clearly the human side of board members.  And I had a strong reminder about how easy it is for all of us to reach the point of no return and lose the core competencies we count on.  Most of all, I discovered the power of authenticity to change hearts when I took the risk to share my story as a community organizer.

Signature i, LLC strives to be a learning organization and will continue to bring you these reflections and lessons learned, and with grace, any wisdom that breaks into this work and life in 2011.