Reprising Change Leadership Methods to Jumpstart 2015




By recalling and acting with the knowledge we have, we can be a quicker study in the face of new challenges.  Signature Insights is reprising six 2014 posts that will help you be a better change leader in 2015. Last week we shared seven 2014 posts about changes that are still playing out in 2015.



  1. Before you jump to conclusions and solutions, start with better questions that require you to challenge your assumptions. Try the Right Questions for a Change
  2. Sometimes we get defensive when people test drive our changes. But what seems like resistance can be invaluable information for finding the right solution. Followers Have the Critical Role in Change
  3. If you are trying to be more strategic in how you lead, check out this overview of good strategy practices and how they might work for associations and nonprofits. Adapting the Art of Strategy to Your World
  4. If you are looking for practical primer on how to be more innovative, check out this overview of good innovation practices. 7 Insights to Innovation Practices that Work
  5. Associations and nonprofits believe they do good work; the trick is proving it. Proving the Difference Your Association Makes
  6. It’s easy to see how technological innovation leads to big change; we’re quickly dazzled. But for the real game changers, pay attention to values shifts. When Values Shift Occur, We Get Big Change

These change leadership methods and insights are a lot like the behavioral changes we promise to make in our yearly resolutions. If we would just practice what we know works, we could have fewer regrets and live more fully. These insights and behaviors can keep us on track all year long.