Reprising Relevant Futures Learning Still in Play in 2015

It’s true we would all be smarter if we could just remember what we have already learned. In that spirit, Signature Insights is reprising seven 2014 posts about the future that are still relevant for associations and nonprofits in 2015.  Next week we’ll reprise another set on effectively leading change to get this 2015 off to a smart start by remembering and acting on what we have learned.

  1. There’s no change bigger than an identity crisis.  Here is why they are happening to organizations with greater frequency.  This Identity Crisis Brought to You by the Future.
  2. When you are in the middle of a paradigm shift, like the one underway in learning, it can be hard to fully describe it. Making Learning Happen on the Best Terms for Our Future.
  3. Before anyone declares the death of the association business model, it’s wise to take note of the ways associations are choosing to evolve.  Associations Disrupt Before They Die.
  4. Technology-enabled capabilities help organizations and even individuals act more powerfully than their size and resources should allow.  Amplify Your Association to Do the Impossible.
  5. And if there is a new business model on the horizon, it just might be found in the power of connected reality.  Connected Reality: A Possible Future Business Model for Associations.
  6. To stay relevant, associations have to anticipate and respond to the changes their members are experiencing.  These changes may be confounding your members.  Member Pain Points to Association Opportunities in a Shifting World.
  7. For yet another look at what those Millennials might do as they rise to power, a Pew survey offers useful insights.  Millennials Will Take on Society’s Problems Their Way.

The patterns of change that have the greatest impact on our organizations rarely play out in one year. These seven insights about the future provide valuable context for this 2015 and beyond.