Re-gifting Learning Is Quite OK

For me, blogging is like issuing gifts of insight into the universe that may or may not prove useful to readers. This is my re-gift of this year’s best reflections on association and nonprofit management—a curated holiday re-collection for friends and colleagues to wish everyone a successful 2016.

If you need a quick scanning recap on changes affecting associations and non-profits, take another look at this post, Keeping Pace with Changes in Association Management. Or review this post on environmental scanning research for the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives:  Agreed: Be Nimble and Go for Global Impact.

If you are looking for a conversation starter to update your strategy, try these: 

Leading change is tough, demanding work. If your old leadership behaviors just aren’t working that well anymore, you might try practicing Collaborative Leadership for Complex Open Systems. And to increase your chances of success, pay equal attention to Culture & Strategy: Musts on the Menu for Change

All learning is a re-gift, when you choose to share. May we all learn and live more generously in 2016.