Year-in-Review Reflections to Get Ready for 2017

If you are a year-in-review kind of reader, here are a few posts that may help you think about what you have experienced and what might lie ahead in 2017.

For a good recap of trends affecting many associations, revisit Dozen Change Drivers Common to Many Associations. As I track changes in the digital ecosystem, I continue to see connection as a powerful change driver, analyzed again in this blog post, Seventh Sense for the Power of Connection. This post includes some important strategic questions associations will still be striving to answer in 2017. If you are trying to anticipate the next serious disruption and how your association might respond, these blog posts will be relevant:

·       Associations So White: A cautionary Tale for Our Times

·       Associations in an End of Work Future

·       Business Schools Visioning Might Disrupt

·       Your Customers Are Messaging, Your Bot Answers

Signature i works with boards of associations and nonprofits to identify significant challenges and opportunities and choose where to lead change, often through visioning and strategic planning processes. Post-election I was struck by the opportunity to address divisions post-election. I called this A Time for Clarity of Purpose and Courage.  I also gleaned this counsel about Strong Identities, Thriving Associations from working with two associations struggling to claim the power of what their members contribute to their world.

Changes like these are not one year wonders. Glean all you can learn from your reading and experiences in 2016 and anticipate how these changes might continue to play out in your strategic decisions in 2017. One or more surely will.