Magical Insights in an Open Knowledge Environment

What could be more wonderful than having magical insights from our learning experiences as we confront new knowledge and see its potential to make something new possible?

As ASAE Annual Conference presenters Jennifer Blenkle and Martha Malone shared the possibilities emerging from shifts in knowledge management and learning, the promise of discovering “magical insights” in a more dynamic, open knowledge environment seemed real.  That’s the promise we hope to realize from data analytics. It’s the hope we have when we join knowledge communities.

Associations will be shifting from expert filtering of knowledge to open filtering, using the power of search and artificial intelligence. Take a look at META and the association partners who are participating in this platform to help scientists and clinicians access and monitor scientific knowledge.  This is a tool that makes magical insights more readily available to scientists and clinicians.

Associations will be organizing experts, knowledge and data to create new solutions for shared challenges. The American Medical Association has invested $15 million to create an innovation lab to improve information technology design for physicians.  Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail offers a data platform and design tool to ease collaboration and compliance in retail data exchange.  

Some associations are breaking down multi-year credentials and offering access to microcredentials to better meet our specific needs for continuous learning. They are taking learning to us through co-present communication. We can be there through livestreaming to experience critical and complex procedures like surgery. This is learner-led learning in a more open environment.

These are just a few ways associations are shifting knowledge management and learning to create the value that gets us and keep us as members.  In an open environment, it’s not my data, it is our data. This requires a shift in mindset and perhaps an association’s business model, but the ability to accelerate learning throughout an industry or field’s network is exciting.  

And when your members have these magical insights, they have many more ways to share them. Their audiences have audiences. You are experiencing this phenomenon right now. You didn’t attend Blenkle and Malone’s session at ASAE and yet you are sharing my sense of awe from their session. In our networked world, members have a multitude of ways to amplify the value they derive from their association experiences. The reach and the impact in an open environment are real.