Thrilled to Help Announce ASAE ForesightWorks

Signature i has been very busy this summer working with a team of volunteer leaders and futurist colleagues to launch the American Society of Association Executives Foundation’s new foresight program, ASAE ForesightWorks.

This blog post is to make sure you don’t miss any of the great resources and learning experiences now available with many more to come in the next year.

We are launching ASAE ForesightWorks in conjunction with the ASAE Toronto conference. If you are attending, be sure to join us Sunday at 2 pm for a deep dive into foresight and three drivers of change:

Virtualized Meetings.  Ubiquitous broadband, the mainstreaming of virtual reality, and robotics are accelerating the capabilities of telepresence technologies. These technologies could enable telepresence at meetings of both speakers and participants, or take place entirely in a shared digital reality. While these technologies can broaden participation and generate novel experiences, the social and experiential benefits of “real life” may prove challenging to replicate.

Aging World.  Most of the world's societies are aging, with the shares of elderly poised to rise steeply in both the advanced economies and most emerging economies. This could reshape political, financial, and social priorities as countries grapple with issues related to aging populations, such as rising dependency ratios, retirement and the workforce, and costs of caring for older citizens. These issues will play out for associations in areas such as workforce and benefits.

Anticipatory Intelligence. Big data, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are enabling predictive analytics that anticipate needs, opportunities, and threats in an organization’s environment. The market for predictive analytics is growing rapidly, major computing companies are key players, and organizations view predictive analytics as one of the most important ways to leverage big data.

You can access action briefs on these three with forecasts, related trends, insights, and steps to begin taking action. These action briefs are free to ASAE members.

At you also will find a research brief explaining how associations can use this research program and its resources to create a culture of foresight within their organizations. This is also where you can gain access to a summary overview of the 41 drivers of change we will be releasing later this year.

Here are seven ways we hope you will use ASAE ForesightWorks:

  1.  Jumpstart Strategic Conversations with Your Board. Your board should be regularly identifying and discussing emerging trends and issues for your industry, profession or cause as it you’re your organization’s strategic direction. Assess the 40 change drivers, choose a small number that are relevant for your association, and incorporate discussions into your board meetings.
  2. Inspire a New Vision. Use the change drivers to deeply understand how significant changes ahead could interact to create new opportunities for your members and association.
  3. Educate your members.  Explain how these change drivers may play out in your association’s arena. Showcase members who are pioneering responses and leading these changes. Organize educational experience to delve into the implications and co-create solutions and responses.
  4. Identify Issues that Matter to Your Members. Test how significant the impact might be from change drivers you believe could affect your members. Use surveys, focus groups, town halls and online discussions to prioritize important changes ahead.
  5. Stress Test Your Business Model and Business Practices. Take your staff team through an exercise identifying the potential vulnerabilities you may have. Prioritize the areas where you need to update your strategies and practices to succeed in future conditions.
  6. Plan for technology investments. A number of change drivers point to the need to update association technologies. Use this research to build your plans and budgets to invest in essential capabilities.
  7. Search for Innovative Opportunities.  Change creates new needs and brings opportunities for new programs and services. Use the foresight research to spot and test the viability of new offerings.