Prime Your Boards to Talk Foresight #ASAE18

Expect frank advice from four veteran association executives as they share how they followed six basic practices to help their boards and staff initiate a culture of foresight August 21, 9 am in Chicago at #ASAE18.

Their associations are using ASAE ForesightWorks research and resources to inform board strategic planning and strategy development. If you are ready to start your association’s foresight journey, what they have learned about how to initiate and champion foresight with their volunteer leaders could ease your way. The four association leaders in this wisdom-sharing session and their moderator are:

Shawn Boynes, Executive Director, American Association of Anatomists. Initiated environmental scanning to set the future context for his first strategic plan as CEO in 2013.  Used selected ASAE ForesightWorks change drivers to inform strategic plan update in 2017. 

Angela Cain, Chief Executive Officer, CoreNet GlobalRegularly scans the future of corporate real estate. Undertook FutureForward 2025 in 2017 to explore the association’s future through global dialogue with members, futurists and thought leaders. Used selected ASAE ForesightWorks change drivers as a resource. 

Bruce Levi, General Counsel, American Academy of NeurologyConducts ongoing environmental scanning to inform strategic planning and identify emerging issues for the profession and association. Introduced AAN board to selected ASAE ForesightWorks drivers of change in 2017. 

Peter O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer, ASIS International. Initiated scouting the future to inform strategic planning, content strategy and the foundation’s research priorities. Identified 7 priority change drivers impacting the future of the security profession. Also used ASAE ForesightWorks change drivers.

Marsha Rhea, President, Signature I, LLCAssisted the ASAE Foundation with establishing ASAE ForesightWorks, authored the User’s Guide and facilitates ongoing analysis of the drivers of change. Consults with multiple associations using foresight in visioning, strategic planning and environmental scanning. 

These are the six practices they all had in common as they guided their associations into foresight practices:

  1. Engage the future the way your members think.
  2. Acknowledge your association’s maturity and readiness to engage in change.
  3. Be brave enough to lead the future for your association.
  4. Identify and equip your champions.
  5. Put your money where your future is.
  6.  Make foresight a habit you keep. 

You can learn more about applying these practices in this previous blog post and check out the ASAE ForesightWorks User’s Guide for more practical advice for your association's foresight journey.

For more information on this session and other great sessions at #ASAE18 in Chicago, follow this link. Enter the session title Prime Your Board to Talk Foresight and Act for the Future to view this session’s presentation and learn more about the speakers.