Use This Association’s 2025 Forecasts to Test Your Association’s Future Readiness

CoreNet Global immersed its members in a collaborative exploration of how changes in corporate real estate and associations will intersect and asked them to forecast what they expect their association will be doing in 2025 to strengthen belonging, learning, convening, and information and content.

Rather than ask members what they might want, the association engaged members in face-to-face workshops, chapter meetings, and webinars to practice foresight and create bold forecasts for the association’s future. CoreNet Global drew upon the ASAE ForesightWorks research to understand changes affecting associations, and on its own research on the industry’s future to give participants a deep understanding of how much change to anticipate. The reports from FutureForward 2025, freely shared, are a treasure trove of relevant data for any association working to align strategies and core functions with new priorities, capabilities and member preferences.

While the forecasts from these active and engaged members affirm the value of belonging to CoreNet Global, they make clear that members expect the association to keep pace with change. “Technological advancements, new modes of working and the pace of change will continue, but the human connection will remain at the very core of the association experience,” Angela Cain, CoreNet Global CEO, summarized in the overview and executive summary.

What association isn’t racing to meet the expectations expressed in these bold forecasts?

  • Technology will enable a frictionless member experience with ease of access, just-in-time connectivity and flexible, on-demand content.

  • Belonging to a professional association will be more important than ever as members seek community and meaningful connectedness.

  • By 2025, participants will expect a fluid experience with digital-physical integration, but technology will not replace the need and desire for face-to-face events.

  • CoreNet Global will leverage technology tools and solutions such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, predictive analytics and virtual assistants to deliver timely, customized, interactive content experiences.

  • CoreNet Global will build a diverse community of tribal learners that will challenge traditional education models with a less-formal approach of organic learning and peer-to-peer information sharing.

  • Access to CoreNet Global’s learning opportunities will be seamless across all aspects of the association, including conferences, designations, professional development and other knowledge-sharing opportunities.

If you need to make the case for these changes and others described in the FutureForward forecasts, you will find good data to back up how people will work, learn and convene in the years ahead. The future picture that unfolds for this association is very much in line with what many associations face.  As you review the 25 FutureForward forecasts, you can benchmark your own association’s readiness for the future. Would my members express the same desires? How ready will we be in 2025 to deliver on these expectations?

Or better yet, do what CoreNet Global did and organize your own foresight exploration. Analyze how the drivers of change in associations and in your industry or profession might intersect, and engage your members in forecasting the future association they want.