Words Matter

Reading a beautifully conceived short story while visiting Atlanta’s museums to the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. this past weekend deepened my belief that visions are words that matter.

You may not have the courage to take body blows for justice. Few people do. But you can put forward a better vision of what your organizations and communities can and should be. If you are a leader, at least be willing to ask what can be done here and now to create a better world.  

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Practice Thinking like a Futurist

I switched careers into futuring 17 years ago because another futurist told me I think like a futurist and suggested I consider becoming one. I don’t know what innate capabilities he detected, but I believe any executive or leader can and should learn to think like a futurist.

Futures thinking has at least three important attributes: critical analysis, inquisitiveness, and imagination.  Here are some questions that can help you develop an aptitude for thinking like a futurist. You may never earn your living this way, but you may find you are making better decisions in the career you do have.

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