Generation Z Might Alter Your Association’s Priorities

When associations plan how to engage multiple generations, they tend to think first about membership strategies and programming, but they might also need to realign their advocacy priorities and public policy positions. Associations should be examining their current advocacy priorities and public policy positions through this generational lens to identify and address any areas where Generation Z and Millennial values might differ from those of the Gen X and Boomer leaders now in power.

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Trade in transition unsettles trade associations

US trade associations once able to count on globalizing markets to provide customers and supply chains for their members are now struggling in a period of destabilized trade systems.

President Trump’s tariff actions escalated this issue to urgent this summer, but trade systems will be in transition for at least the next few years. Association executives are losing some sleep over member unrest.

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Your Association’s Future Profit Center in Learning

Associations searching for a growing source of nondues revenue might want to reconsider learning, as the future context could make learning as critical to their bottom line as it has always been to achieving mission.

The potential profitability of learning could change as associations evaluate the potential implications that may flow from these drivers of change identified by the ASAE ForesightWorks research and decide how they can seize new opportunities to educate the workforce.

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