American Inequality, the Next Grand Challenge

Inequality will widen in the US intensifying what could be a grand challenge for associations that work to ensure access to basic human services and provide access to opportunity.

American inequality is one of the 41 drivers of change the ASAE ForesightWorks research identified in 2017. When association executives analyzed this driver last summer, they said associations should accept this as the grand challenge of our times.

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Practice Thinking like a Futurist

I switched careers into futuring 17 years ago because another futurist told me I think like a futurist and suggested I consider becoming one. I don’t know what innate capabilities he detected, but I believe any executive or leader can and should learn to think like a futurist.

Futures thinking has at least three important attributes: critical analysis, inquisitiveness, and imagination.  Here are some questions that can help you develop an aptitude for thinking like a futurist. You may never earn your living this way, but you may find you are making better decisions in the career you do have.

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