The Culture of Foresight Associations Need

Too many associations have been slow to create a culture of foresight to explore and shape their future.

This observation comes from almost 20 years observing how US-based national associations operate, and as I work to help the Foundation of the American Society of Association Executives  build a foresight research program that will create a culture of foresight in associations. Too few associations practice foresight in any consistent way. I observe associations using foresight in four ways.

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Why Nonprofits and Churches Aren’t Clamoring to Endorse Candidates

President Trump is making the case that religious organizations should be free to engage in politics, by calling for repealing the Johnson Amendment. Nonprofits also fall under this IRS code provision.

The law prohibits tax-exempt charitable organizations from participating directly or indirectly in any political campaign to support or oppose a candidate. Associations and nonprofits have benefited from these constraints placed on their political activity, and there are plenty of good reasons to resist this proposed change.

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