When Work Ends, What Fills the Void

What might a post-work society look like in the US where even our identities and psychological well-being are as tied into our jobs and careers as our economic security?  Derek Thompson offers a great analysis of how great the social transformation could be in The Atlantic this month.Thompson describes three possible alternative futures to the end of work. We might have to live by our wits in a contingency economy, but we may also look forward to consuming leisure and expressing our creativity in ways that today's long work days make difficult.

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Pope Francis Calls Our Values and Priorities into Question

Values are slow to change and yet when they do, so do our priorities. People of faith look to  theology to set the direction for their deepest values.

This is what makes Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment so compelling. Can a thought leader entrusted by millions to interpret what faith requires finally secure a deep change in the values we need to give protecting the Earth the priority it desperately needs?

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Enough Faith to Change Cozy Cottages into Breathtaking Palaces

Change can be quite unsettling and launch us into a future that unfolds in ways we never anticipated. We experience this sense of confusion, uncertainty and even fear in aspects of our lives where we might be expected to have more faith. C.S. Lewis offers a universal truth about change even when we do not acknowledge God’s presence in that work.

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