Hello Barbie, Hey Green Dino, Are You Good for Us?

Should I be the grandmother that rushes out to buy Hello Barbie or Green Dino as this year’s must-have Christmas gift or take a wait-and-see stance on a provocative new direction in interactive toys?

“Using proprietary AI engines and speech recognition tools, [these toys] are able to understand conversations, give intelligent responses and learn on the fly,” according to a Washington Post review. The reporter asks good questions about these game-changing toys “because they have the potential to fundamentally change the nature of how we interact with people and objects around us”. 

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Future of Learning: A Remix of All of the Above

Education will be deconstructed and reconstructed through an “all of the above” learning remix that better aligns with the needs of learners, employers and society. In that reconstruction, learning is individualized, adaptive and modular and builds on a shared foundation of core learning competencies and shared processes that can support interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary solutions for our future.  

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A Netflix Script for Strategy Training for Associations

A close read of a news story describing Netflix’s move into producing original movies could be a script for a training video to sharpen association strategy.

Most people will see only one lesson—the need for disruptive innovation. But let’s not miss the other valuable strategy lessons in this script. 

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