Watching the Rise of Millennial Organizations

One alternative forecast for millennials is that they might decide to form their own associations around their issues, the leadership opportunities they are ready to hold, and the technology-empowered approaches that extend their reach and impact.

This is a decisive question for associations to answer:  Will traditional organizations adapt ad accommodate the interests and preferences of millennials as they become a dominant demographic group, or will this generational renewal need the rise of new organizations proving new ways to be effective in the future?

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Turning from Individualism toward Interdependence

If our job as humans is to create the future we prefer, then the priority for the next decade may be to rediscover our interdependence.

This insight comes from participating with other futurists, alumni and past clients of the Institute of Alternative Futures at the institute's 40th anniversary seminar and celebration earlier this month. IAF Founder Clem Bezold expressed what I found in my seven years with the organization to be IAF’s defining vision:  “Our job as humans is to create the future we prefer.”

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