Future Calls Associations to Social Regeneration

Associations, like schools and educators, are an essential part of our civic infrastructure, and have much to gain from a shared outlook on important drivers of change shaping our future.

The 2018 KnowledgeWorks Future of Learning 5.0 Forecast identifies five change drivers associations should have on their radar especially if they are using the ASAE ForesightWorks research to anticipate the future.

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Discerning Visions that Inspire Great Work

Visioning retreats are intense experiences of listening, generative conversation and strategic thinking to discern what the future requires.

Listening deeply during the retreat requires courage, candor and trust. Generative conversations help make sense of the difficult and unresolved issues that define and constrain any preferred future an organization might seek. In visioning, leaders use strategic thinking as they define the strategic opportunities they should pursue and the priorities for their energy and resources.

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First, find your foresight friends

Pressed to explain why some associations have abandoned impressive foresight initiatives, I said they couldn’t spread the benefits of foresight across their organizations: you must find your champions and allies.

Too often people assign the failure of foresight projects to resistance to change. I believe the root cause is failing to bring other leaders along on the journey into foresight. People distrust “oracle on high” pronouncements; they are more likely to trust their own sensemaking about the implications and effective responses.

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