An Immersive Experience in Meeting Redesign

ASAE’s new Xperience Design Project (XDP) May 23-24 immersed more than a thousand participants in innovative ideas to redesign their association’s events in a new era of experiences. ASAE designed this event from start to finish and did the hard work to create a learning laboratory for us. XDP was so much more than tinkering around the edges or some innovative improvements.

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Magical Insights in an Open Knowledge Environment

What could be more wonderful than having magical insights from our learning experiences as we confront new knowledge and see its potential to make something new possible?

As ASAE Annual Conference presenters Jennifer Blenkle and Martha Malone shared the possibilities emerging from shifts in knowledge management and learning, the promise of discovering “magical insights” in a more dynamic, open knowledge environment seemed real. 

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Business Schools Visioning Might Disrupt the Business of Associations

If their association realizes a new vision for business schools, they could become your association’s fiercest competitor or strongest partner in management education and leadership development.

AACSB International has issued a collective vision for business education that challenges business schools to play five significant roles. Most associations can and should also claim all five roles for themselves.

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